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Self-Work Resources

We endeavor to educate and empower anti-racist activists and advocates to begin this work in thoughtful reflection of how racism plays a role in our thoughts and lives. Below are a myriad of vetted resources to help us embrace our roles as self-reflective members of a community of anti-racists. We suggest each time you watch a video you prepare to internalize what is learned through active journaling.

1. Choose a video based on your learning preferences, but also challenge yourself. 

2. As you watch, think about what you already knew as well as any new information you're learning.

3. Record what you learned and your reaction(s) to those ideas in your journal.

4. Check in on your feelings. If you're feeling too anxious, take a few deep breaths.

5. When you're done with the video, Reflect on what you've journaled and contemplate creative ways you and your team can use what you learned to solve one issue in your neighborhood. Solutions can be as simple as walking with a neighbor. 


If you know about other valuable resources to support our work, please message us at